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Hey guys, welcome to 2014. Yep.

Let's Talk About Appropriation (a rant)

Rictor - Free Fall
How much do you know about appropriation? A lot of people I know seem to think it's a bad word, something synonymous with "theft", "racist", or "unoriginal". But is that a fair rap for something that has created the modern fantasy genre? Appropriation is everywhere and it's not as bad as people make it out to be.

Let's start with a simple definition:

ap·pro·pri·ate \ə-ˈprō-prē-ˌāt\
to set apart for or assign to a particular purpose or use

Now in art, it tends to mean more specifically taking something existing previously and re-purposing it, still intact, for something else. (my definition)

There is quite a bit of onus on creators of things to be completely original, or as least as much as they are able within the limits of their chosen medium. But at the end of the day, is there such thing as an entirely original thing? We are made of what came before us.

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Jack Harkness - Things Get Better
When I was a freshman in high school, my friends and I started at GSA at Marina High School in hopes of creating a safe haven for the LGBTQ kids of our school. It was hard. There was a lot of hurdles to jump through to get it approved as a group. When my friend left Marina later that year, I was left with this huge undertaking.

I was the president of the GSA for three years. We went from a small group of people huddled in a classroom to a rather vocal presence at our high school by the time I graduated. We held protests and raised funds, we had people go to queer youth summits, helped people through coming out to their families, and I'd like to think we made some positive changes.

Today, though, I am without words though. Last night, a girl named Cassidy was crowned homecoming queen at Marina. She is a young trans* woman.

All the things this means, all the huge implications it has that maybe the world can be better for LGBTQ people... I don't know how to say any of them right now.

I'm so happy for her. I'm proud to feel a part of this moment and I'm proud to say I am a Viking.


Arrow Bow: A Step By Step Walkthrough

Ollie - Vigilante

This past weekend was San Diego Comic Con International, which was really cool as always. I think my greatest success this year by far in the world of cosplay was my costume from the CW's Arrow. While I am very proud of the costume as a whole, it seems my brightest achievement in it was in fact the bow. So, if you're thinking about making one yourself, here's a quick and dirty rundown of how I made mine and why I think it was so successful.


The Tattoo I've Been Waiting For

Aragorn - Throneroom
Today I got my first tattoo. Not just any tattoo. I remember wanting this tattoo early in high school. I told myself "if I get into a college for field hockey I'll get it". It wasn't just a dare. It was meant to be a mile marker in my life. When I did get into Cal for field hockey, it turned out I didn't need a mile marker. My time at Berkeley serves as it's own milestone.

But it never stopped me from wanting to get this tattoo.

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RE: Star Trek Into Darkness

Hawkeye - Mug Shot
To be completely honest, I don't really care that much about the whole Khan racebending whatever the fuck. I just needed to put any counterpoint out there because I feel like people are just dumping on a film that I thought was really enjoyable. Ever since I've put my opinion out there, I've been nothing but shit on by people who really have no right to take it anywhere past talking about the film and it became about my ethnic background and about how much I know about Star Trek (and this happened more than once).

I don't care. I really don't. I'm not going to apologize for my opinions nor my enjoyment of the film, but on the flipside, I don't have the want, care, or energy to argue until I'm blue in the face about why I disagree with the accusations of whitewashing on this film in particular. Yes, I get that Hollywood is notorious for it, but in this one case, I disagree.

UGH. I just want everyone to calm their tits and post about how awesome this movie was.

Mickey and the Magical Map!

Flynn - Down
As a person who grew up in love with the Fantasyland Theater shows, I'm very excited about Mickey and the Magical Map. I'm not the person who gets choked up about that kind of stuff, but I'll admit, for Magical Map, I got choked up and nostalgic when I saw it. I think I saw every show that was there from when I was born until now. I have fond memories of The Spirit of Pocahontas show as well as the Beauty and the Beast show and others. I think Magical Map is a great achievement and shows the technical prowess that Disney Parks are capable of. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!


Star Trek Into Darkness: Unpopular Opinion

Sam - Working

(that you probably already know because
the internet doesn't know how to shut
the fuck up.)

Unpopular opinion time!

I hate the way that people are reacting to Benedict Cumberbatch's potrayal of Khan. I'm actually aghast at people saying the new Trek is whitewashed. So they didn't cast another Hispanic dude to play a middle-eastern culture appropriating non-human character?

They also cast a Korean dude to play Hikaru Sulu. Am I offended? No. Is George Takei offended? He doesn't seem to be. Are we supposed to just say "all Asian races are the same"? No. Is that whitewashing? No. Zoe Saldana is of very mixed herritage, and that doesn't seem to bother people either. In fact, I would argue that casting these actors was a bold and encouraging choice in a more racially neutral vision of the future. But I digress...

I'll keep it as short as I am able with how frustrated I am with this subject.

Firstly, would you really re-cast Benedict Cumberbatch after seeing the film? I certainly wouldn't. He was stellar. His performance was totally on point. To argue that another actor could do the role just as well is ridiculous because ever actor is different. It would have been a different film.

Secondly, this is a re-launch. An AU. In Marvel Ultimates, Nick Fury is African-American. Why? Because Samuel L. Jackson, that's why motherfucker. Not because it's special to have an African-American character, but because they loved Samuel L. Jackson for the role so much that they did it anyway. In Star Trek Into Darkness, the Klingons are actually dark-skinned instead of white dudes with heavy skin-darkening makeup on. I thought that was a HUGE step in the right direction. I was somewhat tired of Klingons being portrayed as dark skinned but being played by Caucasian people.

Thirdly, and bare with me on this one because I really am having a difficult time putting this abstract idea to words, do we really need to have another thing villainizing people non-Western Caucasian decent? Really? The original Khan was acceptable because (a) he was awesome, (b) because it wasn't a Caucasian man, it was a Hispanic man portraying another ethnicity, and (c) because it's sci-fi. If the original Khan had been played by a Caucasian actor, people would have a shit fit. But, Khan isn't inherently ethnic in the new Star Trek series. He's still a soldier, he's still cunning, but he's very alien. I think it would have been inappropriate for them to appropriate another culture just to villainize them.

In summary, I'm utterly confused as to why people would want Khan to be ethnic in this film. If you want to complain about anything in the film, complain about how Dr. Marcus was randomly naked for no real reason. Complain about how few scenes Ohura had. Complain about actual cultural representation. I can get behind those arguments. But PLEASE don't come to me complaining about Khan, because I will disagree with you.

ETA: Correct character name spelling, what is it? (I fixed where I, uh, spelled it Kahn for some reason. I was tired. And angry. and illiterate. OK? don't judge me. I didn't research how to spell something I've spelled that way since I was a kid. ;P)

Fic: Eulogy (Arrow)

Ollie - Vigilante

TITLE: Eulogy
BY: estelofimladris
FANDOM/CHARACTER: Arrow/Oliver Queen
WORDS: 600
SUMMARY: Oliver contemplates the eulogy for the passing of his spoilery noun.

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